The beauty of nature

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining warmer and snow is melting. The clear blue sky above green spruce trees finally added colors to landscape picture. In contrast, yesterday’s snow is ideally white and perfect. Winter is counting down last days. It’s time to start writing about next cycle of life and about the beauty of nature. I’m happy to show you the best of our beautiful northern forest.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Andrew. I’m writing this post, sitting in my cozy wooden cottage, that is located in a beautiful place by the lake in the forest. That’s where the name of the blog came from. I’m happy to live here, but it was not so in the past. I was born in a huge city, full of crowd, dust and concrete buildings. I spent my childhood in an urban environment and I always dreamed to live in my own house surrounded by nature, enjoy being part of our wonderful world on planet Earth. Finally, the dream became reality. I escaped from the big city, built my own house by myself and settled down here with my wonderful family. Now I’m happy to see the nature as a part of my life and enjoy to be a father.

The beauty of every moment

Our planet gave us a moment to enjoy this amazing world. Yes, our lives are just short moments of eternal life surrounding us. Follow me to see this moment! Enjoy the beauty of every single day and feel this moment longer! I want to share the best moments of my life here in my blog and show you something, that makes me happy. Something simple, but very complex. Something beautiful, but in few steps from death. Something colorful, but black and white during most of the year. This is our world of contrasts, but only contrasts make it so beautiful.

Are you still living in the city? Don’t waste your life, you have no other chance to live again! Jump to your car and run away! Spring is coming and you have enough time to see and feel the nature. And then think, do you really need to go back to the city? Modern technologies make everything possible. You can work being at home and you can build your home in any place in the world. Isn’t it? I live this way and enjoy my freedom. In my blog, I can show you how to become free and enjoy your life.

Let’s explore our wonderful world! I’ll show you amazing natural places, tell you interesting facts, give you advice on spending time outdoors. This blog is not only about nature, but also about healthy living, about technologies, travels and more. Enjoy reading and enjoy every moment!

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