15 Essentials for Your Outdoor Adventure

Modern cities are fast, vibrant and pulsating. A great place to live your life and have fun. However, this hectic environment can be just too much at some point. When you know that feeling, it is time to head out to nature and spend a day in the forest. Enjoy the beauty and calmness all around, singing birds and the healthy smell of spruce needles. But don’t forget to bring some useful essentials to avoid getting stressed out again on your off-day.

Something to put everything

Pick a backpack that is light and easy to handle. It should be roomy enough to carry some stuff though. Maybe you just dig deep down in your closet and find a bag you used years ago. A former school-bag can transform into an adventure-bag! Sounds moldy? Choose a new one on Amazon and get it delivered by your next adventure on time!

‘Must have’ essentials

Everyone knows that you can’t go on an adventure without a knife and a cord. These simple gadgets can come in handy in many ways. Do you want to set up your hammock? No problem, you have a cord to hang it to some tree! You went for a swim with your clothes on? Put up your cord between two trees and hang up your clothes for drying. Bring some waterproof matches to light up a fire. Who does not love to have a little barbecue?


Nutrition is key

You are not you, when you are hungry. Or thirsty. Always bring a bottle of water. Bottles with big openings are easier to refill at a spring or creek. Bring snacks, such as dried fruits and nuts. They taste great and are high in calories as well. You need a lot of energy for your adventure. Of course, you don’t want to eat nuts and fruits all day long. Pack a loaf of bread, and pretty much whatever you like to eat. Dried sausages and dried meat are easy to carry and taste exceptionally well. Avocados are a great energy source as well. Sit down wherever you want, take out your lunch and prepare everything with your knife.



It’s all about comfort

A blanket is a must-have to enjoy your lunch to the fullest. It keeps annoying ants away from your food and keeps your bum dry. Bring a small hammock to take relaxation to the next level. But don’t forget to get up before sunset, if you do not intend to spend the night outside. Always bring a headlamp, to be able to walk in the dark.

Don’t forget to take a couple of plastic bags for rubbish and leave the forest as clean, as it was before your visit. You go to nature to enjoy the time, but not to be eaten. Avoid annoying insects, take mosquito head net and tick remover to your backpack. And yeah, toilet paper can be indispensable sometimes…


Better safe than sorry

The greatest adventure can turn into a nightmare if you get lost. Don’t worry, there are great gadgets to help you out of this worst-case scenario occurs. You can always bring a GPS- device, but a map and a compass are way cheaper and will never run out of battery. A small first aid kit helps in case you get injured. Bring a whistle, especially if you are heading out by yourself. Make sure it is loud and has a noticeable sound. In the worst case that will help a search party find you as fast as possible.


Let’s wrap up! The final list of essentials:

  1. knife
  2. cord
  3. bottle of water
  4. map
  5. compass
  6. hammock
  7. dried fruits and nuts
  8. blanket
  9. plastic bags for litter
  10. mosquito head net
  11. tick remover
  12. waterproof matches
  13. first aid kit
  14. headlamp
  15. whistle

Of course, you can take everything you want but remember every gram counts. Don’t make you feel like a horse, enjoy the freedom, and have a great time!

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