How to find hiking buddies near me

Sun is shining and your legs run away from home. They want to walk, walk and walk, while your head is enjoying with beautiful views, floral aroma, and bird songs. Great time for hiking, but everybody else is busy with their homework, kids, study and thousands of other things they can invent just to stay at their TV and sofa. Are you ready to walk alone? Well, it’s a good idea for awhile, but then you start feeling this… It would be so wonderful to share your happiness with someone walking next to you. Human is a social being and group hiking is way more exciting! But how to convince your friends to go with you? Huh! Not how! If they are not fans of hiking, you’ll ruin your day very quickly. Any other ideas? Just find more friends, who also enjoy hiking! Where? It’s that simple these days when we have Internet.

The easiest way to find like-minded people nearby is Just go there and filter groups or events by Outdoors & Adventure. There are thousands of groups all around the world and if you live in a big city, you’ll definitely find somebody nearby. There are many active hiking groups with amazing people and they are always happy to meet new members. So, it works even if you’re traveling and looking for a great team to hike around your destination. I can tell you about some of them.

How to find hiking groups on
How to find hiking groups on

Best hiking groups

London, UK

several large groups with thousands of members in each:

Outdooraholics London – Hiking, Walking, Outdoors – London
A group of people dedicated and committed to making the great outdoors more accessible to everyone. With over 35,000 members, they have organized over 1300 hiking trips including day walks, weekend hiking trips and an even foreign hiking trips traveling to Europe and beyond for adventure travel holidays.

FREE Outdoor Trips From London
Explore Britain and the Great British outdoors free of charge by connecting with walkers, hikers, and outdoor lovers! Get ready for unforgettable adventures, forests, ancient castles, prehistoric ruins, valley walks and hills, weekend breaks and day walks – along the English coasts, the mountains of Wales and the Highlands of Scotland – all for free!

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Los Angeles Hiking Group
Meet other people who are interested in hiking and walking for exercise, and attending various other fun events such as bicycling, kayaking, river rafting, etc. New events every day!

LA Outdoors
This group’s focus is all forms of outdoor activities including hiking, backpacking, camping, running, orienteering, road biking, mountain biking, kayaking, sailing, rafting, volleyball, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, inline skating, rock climbing, or anything else you can think of. Sometimes this includes multiday adventures to amazing destinations, as well as, an occasional social event like a dinner, social mixer, picnic, or bowling, etc.

Chicago, IL, USA

Chicago Hiking, Outdoors, & Social Group
This group is for people who enjoy hiking, being outdoors and meeting new people. We feature hikes for all skill levels, canoeing, camping, biking, social gatherings, and other outdoor activities. These events are a great way to get out, meet people, and smell some fresh air. New events every day!

Barcelona, Spain

★ Nature & Friends ★
Here you will find a warm, welcoming, fun group with good leadership – key elements to having the best experience in Nature. The focus is on you feeling comfortable in the group, whether you come alone, or come accompanied, to share with like-minded people. (in Spanish)

Zürich, Switzerland

Zurich Hike & Outdoor
Switzerland is a hiking paradise, with trails covering almost the whole country. But there is more to see: majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, and evergreen fields. Since 2007 they have been organizing many, many hikes and other outdoor activities throughout the year.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Copenhagen Adventure Group
Get out there and put some “action” into your life. No experience necessary. You just need to be adventurous, keen to meet new people from all around the world, and ready to try something new. Join this group for a bit of climbing, abseiling, hiking, windsurfing, kayaking, kiteboarding, mountain biking and all that sort of stuff.

Stockholm, Sweden

STHLM Outdoor
STHLM Outdoor is a group for anyone who is interested in any kind of outdoor activity, whether it be hiking, climbing, mountain biking, mushroom picking, kayaking, camping or just plain forest walking, etc.. All skill levels are more than welcome.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Hiking & Nature Meetup
Join us for lively outdoor activities all year round! The idea of this group is to bring people together. People who like being outside, who want to connect with nature and meet amazing friends.

Didn’t find your city? Just go to and find thousands of other active groups everywhere in the world. Join the group, join the event and enjoy nature with new friends!

And yeah, don’t forget to grab some essential stuff with you!

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