15 Essentials for Your Outdoor Adventure

Modern cities are fast, vibrant and pulsating. A great place to live your life and have fun. However, this hectic environment can be just too much at some point. When you know that feeling, it is time to head out to nature and spend a day in the forest. Enjoy the beauty and calmness all around, singing birds and the healthy smell of spruce needles. But don’t forget to bring some useful essentials to avoid getting stressed out again on your off-day.…

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Spruce – amazing ordinary tree

Everybody knows the spruce tree. There are about 35-40 species of spruce in the world, but all they can be easily recognized by pyramidal shape and evergreen needles. You can meet spruce trees everywhere in the world, but naturally, they live in boreal forests and in the mountains. That’s funny, in non-English speaking countries many people don’t even know English word ‘spruce’, they call it as ‘Christmas tree’ instead. But did you know, that spruce tree is not only a Christmas decoration?…

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Interesting facts about the Taiga

Did you know, that boreal forest, or Taiga, covers 9% of all Earth’s land and is the world’s largest land biome? My home is surrounded by Taiga and I decided to start my blog from discovering this amazing world of the northern forest. Boreal forest runs across the northern USA and Canada, southern Iceland, across Norway, Finland, Sweden, through Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and northern Japan.

Boreal forest has a subarctic climate with a very large temperature range between seasons, but the long and cold winter is the dominant feature.…

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The beauty of nature

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining warmer and snow is melting. The clear blue sky above green spruce trees finally added colors to landscape picture. In contrast, yesterday’s snow is ideally white and perfect. Winter is counting down last days. It’s time to start writing about next cycle of life and about the beauty of nature. I’m happy to show you the best of our beautiful northern forest.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Andrew.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I’m starting to write about the forest surrounding me. Today is 1st of April and it is still winter in the north. Forest is sleeping under snow, but it will wake up soon. Days are getting longer, sun is rising higher and shine warmer and this means, that spring is coming. Stay with me and read latest news from my forest!…

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