Incredible flavors – late May in the northern forest

Spring goes on and the most incredible time in the boreal forest begins in the last decade of May. In my earlier post, I wrote about middle May, when the trees made shadow in the understory. It is not rare when hot days come to the north in late May. The ground still has enough water and all herbs grow very fast. Leaves of chevril and ground elder raise up, shoots of fireweeds appear from the soil. Latest trees, the aspen and the linden, show leaves making more and more shadow on the ground.…

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The beauty of nature

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining warmer and snow is melting. The clear blue sky above green spruce trees finally added colors to landscape picture. In contrast, yesterday’s snow is ideally white and perfect. Winter is counting down last days. It’s time to start writing about next cycle of life and about the beauty of nature. I’m happy to show you the best of our beautiful northern forest.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Andrew.

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