Are you a nature lover?

Do you enjoy walking in the woods and listening birds?

Are you eager to explore our amazing world?

Welcome to my blog and thank you for reading! I’m here to help you take a step back to nature and feel the happiness of every moment of life. I’m so happy to meet you, as a person, who really loves nature, as I do! So, you’re interested, who I am? Let me tell you my story.


My name is Andrew. I was born in a huge megalopolis and used to live in an urban environment for more than 30 years. I was never happy with stress, dust, and noise of a big city. The only moments of happiness were when I jumped out from the daily routine and spent weekends being closer to nature. I always dreamed of living a natural way and finally found my home in the wonderful forest, located in Finland. I built my house in the woods, left the city and settled down in this beautiful place with my family.

My life has changed dramatically. I discovered surrounding nature and felt, how far the humans distanced from the roots of life. People are losing basic knowledge of nature, losing connection to the world they came from. I thought I knew enough about nature, but I felt myself like a kid when I moved to the forest. I discovered this amazing world and became eager to learn more about it.

It’s all about the beauty of nature

Here in my blog, I’m writing about my life experience and everything I can see around. I explore this wonderful world of plants and animals, who are my neighbors. The forest is a huge and very complex sustainable system, full of miracles. I live in this system and feel I’m connected to this network of wisdom. Forest gives me a lot of deep thoughts and knowledge, and I see my mission to bring this wisdom back to human civilization. I want to share my knowledge and observations with you.

About us

I’m 42, the father. I’ve been working with informational technologies whole my life. My daily job is connecting people and helping them to work together in digital space. I’m an investor and my best investment is our great son. I’m a regular contributor to WWF.

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