Good stories about nature over the past year

New Year has come and I’m getting back to my blog. The forest is sleeping under snow and I want to start this year with good scientific news over the past year (2018).

Tree cover increased

All we heard, that our planet is losing its tree cover. Changes in land use considerably alter the Earth’s energy balance and biogeochemical cycles. However, a study published in Nature journal found that the overall percentage of trees on the planet has actually increased over a 35-year period by 7 percent.…

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Colors of summer – early June in the northern forest

Summer has come and wonderful time in the forest goes on. In my last post, I wrote about incredible flavors of late May. Lily of the valley is blooming during the first decade of June and makes this dizzy perfume of the forest. This could be the best season of the year, but mosquitoes may ruin your impressions in few minutes. Keep it in mind, protect yourself and enjoy walking in nature these wonderful days.…

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Incredible flavors – late May in the northern forest

Spring goes on and the most incredible time in the boreal forest begins in the last decade of May. In my earlier post, I wrote about middle May, when the trees made shadow in the understory. It is not rare when hot days come to the north in late May. The ground still has enough water and all herbs grow very fast. Leaves of chevril and ground elder raise up, shoots of fireweeds appear from the soil. Latest trees, the aspen and the linden, show leaves making more and more shadow on the ground.…

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Blooming spring – mid-May in the northern forest

Last time I wrote about early May in the boreal forest, when the trees stayed bare and the forest was full of bird songs and shining sun. But leaves grow fast and the forest is getting shaded soon. First white blossoms appear on birdcherry (Prunus padus) and next day the tree stands white. Thousands of fragrant flowers produce the first aroma in the forest and attract insects. Usually, blooming of birdcherry is a sign of next wave of cold.…

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Awakening of nature – early May in the boreal forest

Late April and early May is the time when the forest eventually awakes from winter sleep. This is a fantastic moment! The forest is full of bird songs and everything shows, that annual cycle of life is starting again. In my last post, I wrote about April in the northern forest. First flowers of liverleaf and coltsfoot raised above dry grass. Usually, after the first heatwave colds come back for a while. First nights of May can be even frosty.…

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April in a northern forest

Sun is shining and spring is coming! Everything was covered with snow and only first birds were coming, when I wrote my previous post about early spring in the forest. But days are getting longer and warmer, snow is melting and by the middle of April, only last white islands still wait in the shadow of spruces. Usually, in the middle or in the second half of April, the first heat wave arrives for a few days. This triggers the nature to awake from winter hibernation.…

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Early spring in the forest

Probably, for an ordinary city person, the forest looks like calm and quiet environment. However, real life is always full of action. And if you look around a bit closer, every day can be an adventure if you want it to be. There are so many places to explore and new things to learn from nature. I’m happy to live surrounded by woods. My home is located in a boreal forest in Southern Finland and I can see this natural life day by day.…

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Spruce – amazing ordinary tree

Everybody knows the spruce tree. There are about 35-40 species of spruce in the world, but all they can be easily recognized by pyramidal shape and evergreen needles. You can meet spruce trees everywhere in the world, but naturally, they live in boreal forests and in the mountains. That’s funny, in non-English speaking countries many people don’t even know English word ‘spruce’, they call it as ‘Christmas tree’ instead. But did you know, that spruce tree is not only a Christmas decoration?…

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Interesting facts about the Taiga

Did you know, that boreal forest, or Taiga, covers 9% of all Earth’s land and is the world’s largest land biome? My home is surrounded by Taiga and I decided to start my blog from discovering this amazing world of the northern forest. Boreal forest runs across the northern USA and Canada, southern Iceland, across Norway, Finland, Sweden, through Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and northern Japan.

Boreal forest has a subarctic climate with a very large temperature range between seasons, but the long and cold winter is the dominant feature.…

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